the super tote!

Super Tote Front

I am in love with the Super Tote I made this weekend. Seriously, this bag has typewriter fabric, linen with pleats, piping, and is mega couldn't be better. In L-O-V-E.

Super Tote Side

The pattern can be purchased here from noodlehead, and it's so well written. The only problems that I personally had came with my own refusal to want to follow directions and to do things my own way. There were a few times that I wanted to get ahead of myself and skip steps, but when I would just slow down and read everything, the pattern worked out perfectly.

I had ordered the Melody Miller typewriters last year to make pouches with, but I hadn't realized just how large the print was. I tucked it away, and when I found this pattern, I knew it had a use. I made the front pocket, as well as the backside of the bag with it. The sides are just a medium weight linen, and I like how it crinkles, especially at the pleat. I made my own piping as well. I figured that would give me a lot of trouble, but overall, it was one of the easier parts of the whole project.

Super Tote Top

The toughest part by far was putting in the zipper. I'm not sure if my main sewing machine just needs servicing (I know that it does), but I really struggled to make the stitching look neat both around the zipper itself, as well as on the zipper tabs. My Brother machine had terrible, messy stitches and I couldn't keep the tension correct. I switched over to my Husqvarna, and things got a lot better. That little machine gives me its own share of problems, but it really helped me out with this zipper problem.

Super Tote Inside

It took me about two days to finish, but had I not had so many machine issues, I imagine that I could have finished it in one full day if I committed myself to completing it in one shot. I really need breaks during projects like this though, so I don't let myself become frustrated.

I'm really happy with the end result! In fact, I've already packed it full of my things, so I know it's going to get a lot of use this summer!


awesome!!! I love the fabrics you picked and you did such a beautiful job of sewing it. :)

posted by anna | September 27, 2013 4:44 PM

I was looking at the Noodlehead Sews Flickr group and saw your bag. I am glad I clicked over to your blog here to read this post. I have made 3 and am starting my 4th super tote this weekend. I wanted to get online tonight to see what other people are doing and saying about the pattern. I totally agree with you on just staying with her steps on not jumping ahead. I had more trouble on my 3rd bag than the first 2 b/c I thought I had the steps and order of things memorized. I have found that I cannot make her zipper end tabs work. They are too small and narrow for my fat fingers and fat zipper ends. So, I just made them a much bigger square that I sewed together first and then slid on to the end of the zipper for an easier time of sewing it to the end of the zipper. I have broken 2 needles trying to do those darn zipper end tabs her way. I know she is a sewing master, so maybe that's what my issue is! I'm new to sewing. Anyway, I also appreciated reading your thoughts on sewing it in a day. I have found I do best with these if on day 1 I wash, dry and iron the fabric and cut out my fabric and interfacing peices. On day 2 I like to sew the exterior and zipper. On day 3 I do the inside and sew it all together. Otherwise, I feel totally brain dead and start making really dumb decisions! :)

posted by Becky | November 23, 2013 12:34 AM
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