About Me

Sarah with a big smile.

Hi there!

I’m Sarah Minshall and I quilt, sew, craft, knit, doodle and generally make messes.

I started hand sewing and quilting in 1999, in between my college classes. I quickly fell in love with fabric, thread and batting. I began Hip To Piece Squares in 2004, as a way to meet other quilters who were also interested in what was starting with the modern quilt movement. (There weren’t many blogs back then!)

Patchwork pouch in blue, orange and white cotton with blue zipper open showing colorful spools of thread inside.

These days, I love making quilty, small projects. I’m a sucker for zippers and buttons, and I love sharing what I make with others. I tend to get sidetracked a little with quilts, but I still love making them and always have several in progress, just hanging out. I’ll get ’em done one of these days.

I also write patterns! Check out my Patterns page for information on where to find my designs!

My husband, Ben and I live in the same sweet town in the middle of Michigan’s Mitten that we grew up in. (Hold up your right hand, and point to the lower middle part of your palm. That’s where I live!) We’ve got a giant Chocolate Lab named Hudson (or as he’s formally know around here, Hudersonian Labridorius III), and a cute, but often grumpy kitty named Audrey.

I’m so glad you stopped by!