I failed to mention today that I have accomplished a few things in the past weeks. I think the heat was making me loopy.

I finished four new bags that I’m really proud of:

Flipflops Tote

Noontime Tote

Jennifer Tote

Daylily Tote

Know when you’ve finished something, and you’re really proud of it? I feel that way with these bags. They just came together so well, it was almost like they were too easy to make. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to share them for awhile now–I hope you like!

Where the heck has May gone already?! I feel like a big slacker for not posting about what I’ve been making, but there’s really not been much of that going on, due to what’s been eating up most of our time.

The Big Dig

This is the current time-sucker in our lives. It’s a retaining wall that’s been falling apart and pushing our neighbor’s fence over, and we’re digging the whole thing out and replacing it. The picture doesn’t give it justice though–the wall is 60 feet long, and about 4 feet deep. Then, after it’s all dug out, we’re replacing the wall with concrete blocks that are 70 pounds….each. Did I mention that it’s been 90 degrees here all weekend long?


But there is good news. I should have oodles more time to post, starting in two weeks when school ends for the year. I have tons of summer projects planned, and I’ll be taking pictures and writing so much more. I’ve missed posting in the last couple of months, and I have much to say that just hasn’t had a chance to get written down. Just thinking about all of it makes me so excited!