You know what’s super cool? How SO many people seemed to be genuinely excited about the hand quilting tutorial last week. It’s must have struck a deeper chord to me because it kicked my sewing mojo into gear. I want to sew everything now!


Despite my ongoing “Finish It or Pitch It” campaign (two quilts finished this spring!) I broke down and started some new things for my shop. When I updated last week, all three of my selvage pouches sold (thank you!!), so I figured that I’d make some more.

This has resulted in me losing my mind. I want to cut selvage for days, then refold my fabric and find interesting ways to stack it. My mild OCD is shining through the Internet like a beacon of light for all of you to see. I am crazy.


My mind is buzzing with activity. I want to sew (and cut) and sew and sew. I love that feeling.

I’m so happy to announce that I finally have put together a hand quilting tutorial!

hand quilting step E

Even more exciting, it’s running today at the Sew, Mama, Sew blog! I’m so happy that it will reach so many quilters that might just give hand quilting a shot now. I hope that as you use the tutorial, that you will let me know how your attempts go. I’d love to see what people make by using it. Also, if anyone has any further questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I’ll certainly try to help as best as I can!

I hope you’ll enjoy!

I made some things

So, I just thought I’d mention that I updated my Etsy shop this week. I haven’t been making a while lot of new bags, but I did finally take photos of a few things that I made back over the winter. My favorites are probably the selvage edge pouches, but that’s just because I’ve been hoarding those edges for so long (and although it kinda made me cry to use them, I love the end result so much that it’s worth it).
So anyway, if you’re interested, I’d be delighted if you stopped by and took a look at what I have. Thank you!

bright squares quilt finished!

Time to check another quilt off the to-do list. Bright Squares is officially finished, and I’m pleased. I don’t even regret at all ripping out the machine quilting on this and re-quilting it by hand. It looks leaps and bounds better than it did before. By huge bounds.

bright squares quilt close up

I feel like it’s pretty lousy that it’s taken me over five years to finish such a very simple quilt. I think I’m redeeming myself though, that in the past few months, I haven’t started any new projects. I’m really committing myself to finishing the projects that I’ve loved…and then left…and love once again.


So, yay!! for finishing projects!

quilt binding and friends

I figured it was finally time to update my neglected little blog…unfortunately having mono has really wiped me out over the past few weeks. I’ve been working on things here and there, but my mostly singular project (outside of going to work) has been sleep. Lots and lots of it.

One of the few things I have done has been to finish the quilting and to start sewing on the binding of my Bright Squares quilt. It’s going slowly, but since it’s pretty small, I’m hoping I can have it finished in the next few days. We’ll see.

I’ll be back….after I take another nap.