I’m not very good at it, really.

Sock Singles

Much like the way that I prefer to run this blog, (by starting it and never bothering to follow through with an update for months at a time) I also knit socks. Do these socks match, though? No. Would I consider finishing a pair so that I could wear a matching set? Possibly…but I’ve got several other skeins of yarn that need to get started on too. Do I tend to follow through with any of my plans? Do I have to answer that now?

Seriously though, I’m on a sock kick right now. It’s something that I can take with me to work and do while I eat lunch, I can work on it while I’m watching television at night, and I can always toss it into my bag to work on while I’m out. I know people talk about how they can get so much sock knitting done when they’re in public during times of waiting, but it is so true, people! I just can’t take a full size quilt or a bag that needs to be sewn on the machine to the doctor’s office while I wait. I preach the truth–learn how to knit socks and you’ll never be bored while waiting again.

And while I’m on the subject of starting things I’ll never finish….does anyone know of a good “how to teach yourself how to crochet” website? I’ve tried to learn before (I never tried very hard, as that is my style with things) but I never got the hang of it. I have to learn so that I can make one of these though. So seriously beautiful.

Could it be true?

New Goings Ons

It’s true! I’m back! I guess it was never my intention to leave this just sitting her for months and months, but I know most people know how it goes: you just get lazy. I don’t know what happened–I just seemed to lose my blogging mojo. Then, after you stop writing, it’s hard to get back into it. It seemed weird to just jump right back in where I left off at. Oh well, I think it’ll do it anyway.

I’ve been back up to my old doings–making pouches!

New Goings Ons

I got a huge wave of inspiration to start working on them the other night, and I finished them all up this morning. It was nice to get a big batch done all at once. The assembly line method works wonders.