Hi. Wanna see what I’ve been up to in the last month and a half or so?
Okay. First off, I knit an Ishbel shawl. We’re getting married sometime, because I love it so much. (See the Rav specs.)


I did a super awesome crochet potholder swap where I made five potholders:

my potholders

and got five beautiful potholders back in return. Good crochet practice for me, and even better mail in the end. I love them all.

potholders received

I made some new patchwork pouches, eye pillows and journals. Some are in the shop right now, if you’re interested!

new shop items

I got some work done on quilt tops. I finished this one that was sitting in my “fix” pile for about 5 years. Now it’s sitting in my “quilt pile.” No idea how long it’ll sit there.

blue and yellow quilt

This top was meant to be finished for my friend’s baby…over a year and a half ago. Now I’m working on the quilting and will hopefully have it finished up soon.

Evan's Quilt

And then I started this one. It’s far from being done.

blue, green and yellow quilt

Then it was the 4th with all the picnic-y goodness and fireworks:

4th of July

I made some progress with another new crochet project.

Granny squares blanket

And finally, I came up with a new design last week. It’s in the shop, too.

Lunch Sack

Okay. All caught up. Lots of new things being made!

Go Team Make Stuff!

Well. I sure was in a grouchy mood earlier this week. I’ve perked up considerably from the other day–I guess I just get frustrated about feeling like I’m trapped in a rut. I want so badly to be coming up with new things and making everything that ever crosses my mind but that’s just not possible, and I know it. FRUSTRATING!

I’ll try not to be so fricking annoying from now on.

Jellybean Hairpins

So these are those hairpins that were in the photo from the craft show two entries down. I’ve had a lot of people say things about them, so I figured I’d show you a few up close.

Black & White Hairpins

They’re actually one of my favorite things to make for a show, because they really seem to make my table seem a whole lot fuller than it actually is. Plus, all of the colors really draws a whole lot of attention, and let’s face it–at a show, I’m looking for something that will do that. (Greedy Sarah.)

On My Head

I love them for the fact that I keep every single last scrap of fabric now to make these. I have three bins in my sewing room (what the heck…let’s call it my studio) that I keep my small pieces in. I keep them organized by color:

1.) Blacks, whites and neutrals in one

2.) Green, blue and purple in another

3.) Red, orange, yellow and pink in the last

Color coding is very important to me, as you can see. You would never know this though, by looking on the floor and the desk and seeing that half of the fabric pieces never actually make it to the bins, because I don’t know how to clean. I just don’t think it’s possible for me to do.

Springy Hairpins

So, regardless of all of that mess stuff, I had a bunch of hairpins left over from my show the other weekend, and today I decided to try photographing some of my favorites. I’ve put a few of the sets up at my Etsy shop, too. Just thought you might like to know that.

I usually like to carry bags that I make myself, but for this gem of a tote, I’m making an exception.

Assembly Line

Seriously…a breakfast tote. Eggs and bacon on a red and white gingham palette. Why didn’t I think of something like this? I feel as though I let my creativity slide here. Oh Target, why did you have to come up with the breakfast tote first?

Happy weekend, lovely friends!

Hello blog and blog friends!

My summer seems to have been insanely busy, sewing wise, but for some reason (lazy) I’ve not written about any of it. Since June, I’ve been spending my days getting ready for two craft shows and now that they’re over with, I feel like I have time to sit down, take my time on some new projects, and maybe even write a little. That is, of course, until work begins again in two weeks…

Red & Yellow Pillow

After I did the Doll Quilt Swap, I got really excited about doing some quilting again, and making pillows seemed to be a good way to get back into that. The red and yellow was the first one I did and had to immediately get started on a second one because I had so much fun doing it.

Blue Pillow

I quilted both of these on the machine and it was fun to get them finished so quickly. I think I’ll still probably stick to hand quilting on actual quilts though.