So I’ve been somewhat hesitant to post lately because all of the work that I’ve done in the last month has been for my Etsy shop. I started to feel weird that I was always just showing the things I’ve been making to sell (I felt like I was being too advertising-y). But since that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks, I guess I feel a responsiblity to show that I have actually been really busy with making things.

Pink & White Buttons

Sad Tooth Pouch

Leafy Greens

Mod Dots Pouch

Rainy Day Tote

Purple Quilted Pouch

Gumdrop Tote

Gumdrop Tote

Gumdrop Tote

So those are some of the things I’ve done this past month! Hopefully I’ll come up with something else to do in May besides make tote bags and pouches. Maybe I’ll even make something that has to do with quilts!

Goodness! Hip To Piece Sqaures is now a toddler! Today is the 2nd birthday for this little concoction of mine. I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for reading this silly thing–your comments and conversations have meant a lot to me over the past two years. When I started this, I never imagined reciving the constant support for the things I do, or getting to know all the people that I’ve met across the country and world. So THANK YOU ALL, for making this fun to do–hopefully for many more years to come!

I’ve survived my very first craft sale this weekend! And thanks to some of the nicest people I know (Ben, Mom, Claudia, Mom and Dad Minshall, Dana, Jenny and Mike, Kristina, Meghan and Allison–you are all the best!!) I actually had vistors and a few sales to boot! I did learn a few things about this weekend though for future ventures into local craft sales that I’d like to share:

The Hip To Piece Squares Booth

1. If it’s a craft sale at the fairgrounds, then chances are it’s going to bring in the same crowd as last weekend’s gun and knife show. There will be very few people who are hip to tree tote bags and bright colored pouches. They’re looking for things that will instead show their John Deere spirit.

2. Old men really like craft sales at fairgrounds. I’ve always thought that men were crabby about going to craft shows, but it turns out, after you retire and begin making things that nobody really wants, it’s the best place to meet other old men like yourself. The old men will then meet in masses in front of your very small setup and block anyone from seeing what you have.

3. Even if there are no animals present in the “Main Arena,” the scent of years and years of pigs, cows, and horses will still be present and can possibly make your things smell like last year’s fair.

4. Old ladies wearing sweatsuits with Americana applique will not buy your things. Not at all.

5. A teeny craft sale at the fairgrounds is not an entirely bad place to start out. I got to set up my things the way I wanted to, got some feedback from women not wearing sweatsuits and even sold a few things (but most to my friends and family). Good times, I say!