Hello blog and blog friends!

My summer seems to have been insanely busy, sewing wise, but for some reason (lazy) I’ve not written about any of it. Since June, I’ve been spending my days getting ready for two craft shows and now that they’re over with, I feel like I have time to sit down, take my time on some new projects, and maybe even write a little. That is, of course, until work begins again in two weeks…

Red & Yellow Pillow

After I did the Doll Quilt Swap, I got really excited about doing some quilting again, and making pillows seemed to be a good way to get back into that. The red and yellow was the first one I did and had to immediately get started on a second one because I had so much fun doing it.

Blue Pillow

I quilted both of these on the machine and it was fun to get them finished so quickly. I think I’ll still probably stick to hand quilting on actual quilts though.