Okay. Knitting finished objects to come, but first I need to share that my Love Beads quilt is done! I said I wanted to complete it by the end of March, and I made it in just under the wire. Now it’s currently in the wash, which means that for the next hour or so until it comes out, I will be a nervous wreck. It’s something that I have to do so that it gets that wonderful wrinkly, crinkly look, but I always worry that so much can go wrong while it’s out of my hands and in the washer. Keep your fingers crossed, and look for a new post with pictures tomorrow night!


I am so making progress on my “Finish It Or Pitch It” list. (Don’t worry–I’m not really going to throw out good yarn. It’s mostly an empty threat to myself and so far it’s working!) Last week I got two complete shawls finished in the same week. My needles were busy.


This one, the Multnomah, was so easy. It’s just rows of garter stitch and a super simple lace pattern to finish it off–easy peasy. I had had this pattern queued on Ravelry for several months, but I just wasn’t that inspired to knit it, but after seeing a sample of it knit up at my LYS, I was suddenly inspired to knit one for myself.

Although I like the way the variegation turned out for this project, I’ve decided that I like solid or semi-solid yarns a lot better for shawls. Personal preference, but one to remember for next time. Also, I thought the yarn I used–Alchemy Juniper–wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be. I had lots of issues with it splitting while knitting with it. Because of that, I certainly wouldn’t use it for socks.

It gave me so major troubles, but oh, how I love my Clothilde! I knit this with worsted weight, Cascade Eco Alpaca (SO nice) but when I started it, I decided that I wanted to make it a little bigger than the pattern suggested (where it suggested fingering or DK weight yarn). When it got to the point of looking like a blanket, I decided it was time to rip back to the beginning and start again.


I hated starting from scratch but it was so worth starting over. It took me just about a week to follow the pattern exactly this time. When I blocked it, I stretched it out as far as I could to get it to the size I wanted. And it really is the perfect size for what I wanted. And it’s soft and squishy–just perfect.


Yay for progress!

I have a confession to make: I’m afraid I might be a compulsive hoarder. Want proof? Just have a look at my stack of new fabrics and tell me I’m not crazy.


I’m currently somewhat obsessed with watching shows about people who have compulsive hoarding problems recently. I’m also somewhat obsessed about starting new projects that involve new fabric. Do you see the parallel? ARE YOU FEARFUL YET?


But look! SNAILS! Can we even begin to discuss how much I love this fabric? Because I do. (But do you think that red and cream Amy Butler dot print matches the red from the mushrooms? I actually already had that one and pulled it out because I couldn’t find a red that I liked when I found the other four colors. Thoughts?)

greens and browns

And then I’ve been collecting browns and greens. I think this is going to make an fantastic top, but I have no idea what to do with it. I’m stumped on what to start. So far, my only idea has been to make a Single Girl with it, but I’m not sure I have enough variation in fabrics. Again, thoughts?

the various prints

And here are the miscellaneous fabrics. I’ve been picking them up since the beginning of the year now, and I’m pretty sure they don’t all really go together. I need to keep planning with this team. All wonderful, for sure, but not all necessarily meant to be together. Which I think is a hoarding-type thought. I think.

The one good thing about all this is that I haven’t acutally begun any projects yet. (Which I think is certainly adding to this issue!) I’m still on track to get the quilting on my Love Beads quilt finished up by the end of the month. I’ll also hopefully be back with two finished knits by the end of the week. That is, unless I become buried alive by my fabric, yarn and craft supplies.

Send help in the form of Rubbermaid bins and mental counseling soon!

Seriously. It’s hard work. FIVE YEARS of work, in fact.

circles quilted, background started

It’s such an awesome pattern–called Love Beads–and is from the book The Modern Quilt Workshop by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle of Funquilts. (The book is one of my favorites–it was one of the first things that really sparked my interest in making modern patchwork.)

I pieced the top back in the fall of 2004, and started quilting it sometime over that winter. I wanted to be all ambitious with the hand quilting, so I had the brilliant idea to free hand, thin spirals in all the circles. And while it looks GREAT, I burned out on it quickly. It’s been sitting, collecting dust and pet fur ever since.

detail of the spiral quilting

It’s one of those projects that I felt really guilty about leaving there. I really thought it had the potential to be a fantastic finished quilt, but the idea of hand quilting THAT much….ugh. No thanks.

In keeping with my post from a few weeks ago, I’ve just been trying to weigh out what I REALLY want to be making these days. For the past few years I’ve focused my energy into making items for craft shows and Etsy, and while I still enjoy doing that, I really came to the conclusion that I’ve not finished much for myself over that time. Between really slow sales at shows and online (which is depressing when it’s all that you foucs on), I decided it was time to get back to quilting circles.

And you know what? I enjoyed it.

backside, so far

The circles are done, and I’m on to the major task of finishing this bad boy off. I’ve started marking out my diagonal stripes that will serve as the background. To my surprise, it’s moving fast. I’m hoping at this point I can have the quilting finished off by the end of March. It’s going to be a stretch, but I think it’s possible.

That way, no one can tell me that I don’t finish what I start.