Conversation tonight with Ben on our walk:

Me: “….I like it because it’s patchwork-y.”

Ben: “Do they work at State Farm?”

Me: “????”

Ben: “Pat Schwirkey. It just sounds like someone who probably sells insurance at State Farm.

Me: “YES! That’s totally my new alter ego!”

So yeah. Here’s something patchwork-y made by the very un-insurance selling Pat Schwirkey.


no time to sit

It’s hard for me to believe how quickly this summer has flown by. I still have much to do before I go back to work for the year. Recently, I’ve been working on a few projects related to the blog and my Etsy shop.

those darn happy elephants

I guess the biggest project so far has been with my shop. Today is my 6th (!!) anniversary of my original Etsy shop. I suppose that in celebration of that, I finally made the decision to begin closing it. My new shop is pretty much exactly the same as the old, but I’ve changed my user name to “hiptopiecesquares.” I’m hoping that helps people find me a little better. I’d love it if you’d be willing to stop by and give it a little love.

I should mention, though, that I’m having a moving sale. All of what’s left in the old shop is 25% off, with the code Move11 at checkout. If you’re interested.

Also, I’ve been working here! Take a look at my new main page! All of the links aren’t working just yet, but they will be soon. I’m excited to finally have my own domain name too! Makes things feel a little more professional around here.

Finally, if you haven’t and have a Facebook account, you can “like” Hip To Piece Squares there too! I’m trying very hard to keep that updated as well.

Enough of all that! I’ll be back with a real post again soon.