So I’ve been trying to decide on a pattern for a new quilt that’s going to be a wedding gift, and I’ve been really stumped. I know the colors I want to use, but up until now, I had no idea what to do for the pattern. TADA! I so found my quilt. Since I don’t want to give away the surprise of what it’ll look like, I won’t link to the actual pattern. But it’s still fun to look around at Jinny Beyer Studios anyway. I just have to say it’s going to be tough trying to talk about this project and not give anything away.
Speaking of my other wedding project….I’ve got to get it done. Today is June 29th, and the wedding is on July 24th. That means that really, I need to have it done by July 17th, so that I can bond with it before I give it away. They’ll be standing there, at the gift table, and I’ll be crying and yelling “don’t take my baby away” and A&V will be pulling it out of my arms yelling “no, you made it for us. We’re taking it away and never ever letting you see it again!” Ahhhh!!! It’s torture! I’ve still got the three sides of the border to do, and the first side took me about four days to do. I’m not sure if the rest of it will take that long though. Then I have to sign it, and bond. I don’t want to give it away now! Here’s a picture of half of it though!

Wedding Spectacularrrr

So I really like to quilt. That’s pretty obvious. I also really like to use the Internet. Put the two together, and you’ve got quilting websites, like mine for example. I’m wondering where the other people like me are lurking. Today I strolled over to Stargazey Quilts Online and I had honestly thought it was a neat site at first: there are some neat patterns, some cool pictures, and it’s another person with a new quilting idea, which in my opinion is always appreciated. But then I read on, and the site starts to annoy me a bit. They think it’s quirky to end all of their pattern names and ideas with a “Z,” like “appliquez” and “samplerz.” That’s just not cool. It’s like the Homestar Runner e-mail when Strongbad does the band names. So please, come up with some not annoying quilting websitez. (I had a fish in college that I named Jaw-z. He was a rapper fish. He also didn’t live very long.)
Speaking of pets, we’re getting a dog! Kasey the four-year-old Golden Retriver stayed with us this weekend, and she’s coming to live with us in a week or two. Her family is moving to Taiwan, so we’re adopting her. Yay!
And in other good (but not too good–I don’t want to get worked up over this one either) news, I got a call today while I was at work, about an interview for the Communications Representative position with the Department of Agriculture. I can’t put into full words just how much I want this job. It’s not just that I want to leave the exciting world of Fox 47 this time, but I REALLY want this job. Really. Keep your fingers crossed that good things do happen to people who get passed over for other crappy jobs!

I’ve really got to stop starting projects. So I went to my wonderful Granny’s house this past week, and got to talk serious quilting. We were talking about the 1930’s reprint fabrics and antique quilts, and she brought out a shoebox full of half done Grandmother’s Fan blocks, that were started by (I believe) her aunt in the 1930’s. They’re great–some of the pieces are actually fabric from shirts and old aprons. So my newest project is to put it together. I’m not sure how big it’ll be when it’s done, but I’m really looking forward to doing it.

1930's Quilt Blocks

I also got big compliments on A&V’s wedding quilt. She liked my stiches. It’s always nice to get good comments from someone that you know does really good work. But as far as getting it done, I’m really losing steam. I’m just really tired of working on it, and I want it to be done–without putting more work into it. I felt this way when I was finishing Ben’s quilt too. But the satisfying feeling that I’ll know I’ll get when the last stich is in is something I look forward to as well.
And lastly…eh. There’s no end in sight yet to my days at Fox. I didn’t manage to get a ticket out of here. I think I want to start quilting full time instead of anything else right now. Then it wouldn’t be a hobby anymore. It’d be work. Eh.

I am so glad that I’m typing here tonight. I was working on the templates last night, and at one point I reloaded the page, only to find that my blog was GONE! Totally freaked me out. Thankfully I married a (cute) computer guy, and we got it all worked out. *Phew!*
So I worked up the courage (and the stress) to start quilting the border around the Wedding Spectacularrrr quilt, and it’s been a nightmare.
Big Problem #1. I had to make sure that the lattice pattern in the border would line up and be even. Being that I barely know how to add, I decided to take the project to my dad, to plot out on his drafting software. That was a problem, since the quilt isn’t perfectly square (or even for that matter). We ended up getting a pretty good idea of the dimentions for the template, and I decided to run with that.
Big Problem #2. After I made the templete, I used the water soluble chalk pencils to trace the template. It was a good three inches off by the time I got to the end of the border. Not good at all.
Big Problem #3. Turns out the chalk pencils aren’t as water soluble as I thought they would be.
**Solution** Ben to the rescue again! So we decided to measure the length, and divide. But each time we’d measure, we’d get a different length. So we pulled it to an even length, and I have a cross line every seven inches now. I’m hoping to do this with the remainder of the quilt now.
Big Problem #4. I think the dimonds in the lattice are too far apart. I want to add more lines to make more, but smaller dimonds. I’m just not sure if I’m going to have the time to do it.
*Final Thought* This quilt, along with about 17 other things going on right now are making me a human stress ball. What I’d give for a vacation to somewhere far, far away, until everything has gone away.
Today’s post brought to you by my really nice husband, Ben.

ARRRGGGHH! Stupid Internet connection! I had this whole post written, and then my connection crapped out on me. Let’s see what I can remember about what I just finished.
It was so hot here today, that I couldn’t even think about working on the Wedding Spectacularrrr quilt today. Actually, I did think about it, but I was worried that I’d pass out if I tried quilting under it. Luckily, it’s supposed to be cooler tomorrow, so maybe I’ll have more luck trying it then.
(Side note: Would it be weird if I actually name A&V’s quilt “Wedding Spectacularrrr?” I don’t know if that sounds strange or not, but I like it. Maybe it could just be “Wedding Spectacular.” I think it really needs the rolled “R” at the end though.)
Favorite quilting site of the day (and possibly even the week–this one’s really cool) is Denyse Schmidt Quilts. I really, really love her quilt designs. They’re so simple, but they’re just what I like. She’s also designed other fabric creations like pillows… purses, and aprons, and they’re really great. Although I know I could never afford any of her quilts, they’re great inspiration for me. Plus, as an added bonus in my book, they’re all hand quilted by a group of Amish women. Not only do you know they’re works of art, but they’ll last forever.
This better post this time.

So, being the procrastinator that I am…
Whoops. So I kept telling myself over and over how much I needed to get A&V’s wedding quilt finished up before it got hot out. Yeah, so much for that. I’m hoping that someone nice, who’s house is also equipped with air conditioning will invite me over for hours at a time to work. Or I could just come to work and do it, since it’s always just about -30 degrees in here. Brrr!
I found today something that I never thought was availible–another quilting blog! Material Girl is not only a blog that seems to be updated more than once a year, but I’ve also found it interesting to read. I’m adding it to my links, either way.
And finally tonight, (I’m such a dork) I’ve decided that I really need to finish learning the basics of operating this website. It’s white, and boring, and none too fun to read. So it’s my goal this week (you know, in between my time spent finishing A&V’s Wedding Spectacularrr quilt, and work, and doing my other quilts, and keeping the house clean and stuff) is to spend a couple of hours in front of the computer with the stylesheet book that Ben brought home for me, and I’m going to learn how not to be boring anymore. Because I’m just not that. Not at all.

So after a month of heavy-duty gardening, we’ve actually managed not to kill anything yet. I say this, and I just know I’ll walk out tomorrow and see that our lawn is brown or something awful. Today we finished all of our beds, and that means that I’ve only got one more spot to finish up at. We have a tall fence that cuts off our backyard on a slope, and there’s nice plants mixed in with super-tough weeds. It’s going to be an awful time seperating that. I think that what I’d rather do is dig the stuff up along the fence, and just have grass growing. It’s too hard to seperate, and too much of a pain to keep it up there. I’m looking for low maintenance.
It’s been a wacky and wild week with me, and honestly, I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse. On the upside of the issues, my house is clean and my gardening is finishing up. On the downside of things, I’m preparing for an interview I’m not sure that I even have yet, and I’m freaking out. Really freaking out. The current job is only getting worse, and that’s causing more distress. I’ve got to get to the end of this soon.
Oh yeah! And the quilt for A&V’s Wedding Spectacularrrr isn’t even close to being done. I’ve gotta get myself into “so stressed out that I can’t stand it anymore” mode before I get it finished up. I’m stressed out with the fact that I’m not sure how to quilt it, and I’m stressed out that it’s not done. My quilting world is crumbling around me, and I’m freaking out, really bad!

Happy June! I, of course, celebrated the beginning of the new month by shopping. I ended up buying the Encylopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns, but it was mainly because it was a dull day in the book asile. Last time I was in the store, it seemed to me there were a lot more books that I really wanted. It just didn’t seem to be that way this week.
But while I was in the store, I happened to find a really good deal on 10 page scrapbooks. I’ve never really been into scrapbooking, and I don’t really want to start, but I’m more or less looking for books to file what I’ve done with my garden, or decorating ideas for the house. I plan on keeping all the tags from the plants I bought this year, and following up on how each did. I was flipping and ripping pages out of one of my old Real Simple magazines, and they had a neat idea to catalogue big projects so that you’re able to reference it later. Either way, the scrapbook, was only 4.99, so I figured it was a good deal. I would have bought two, if there were more nice ones still available. The only ones left after I picked out mine were a really bad print on red and blue books. Mine was much better.
My weekend starts tomorrow, and I’ve got big plans for the next three days. Ben heard over the real weekend, that our neighborhood is holding a yard sale soon, and I want to be prepared. We have sooooo many old clothes and stuff from college that needs to be out of our basement. If it doesn’t sell, then its going to Goodwill. If they won’t take it, it’ll all be trashed. I want my house clutter-free, if for just once in our lives!
Oh yeah, and hopefully we’ll hear good news from anyone about interviews. I’m meeting for with the owner of an insurance agency next Friday, and today she e-mailed me to tell me my resume looks beautiful. I think that’s a good thing!