….If a problem comes along, you must quilt it. If the fabric sits too long, you must quilt it. Now quilt it!

(Sorry. Sometimes I make up new words to songs about what I’m doing. This has been in my head for a while!)

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I had a friend e-mail me asking me if I could make her a bag to give to someone as a thank you gift. She didn’t really have a whole lot in mind, other than that her friend liked the color purple and dogs. I decided that since she was giving me free range with the project that I’d attempt something new, and make myself the same bag as practice (in colors that I like since I’m not much of a purple fan).


I had played around last summer with the quilt as you go method on some pouches that I made, and I really loved the process. This time, to make the body of the bag, I used canvas layered with batting to quilt onto. The canvas’ weight along with all of the close line quilting gives it a fantastic, durable feel that I’m pretty much in love with. I want everything I make to feel this good!


When I sketched out the outline for the bag, there were a few design details that I didn’t think about the whole way through, such as the point where the bag’s body meets the strap. I cut the bag so the actual bag itself would slope, but after I made it, I wasn’t sure if I loved how it came together. Next time, I might scrap that plan to make the strap do all the sloping instead of the body. I’m not sure though. It was do-able to complete it as it was, but I just feel like it could do with some tweaking.


This, however, was not a design flaw. This was a, “It’s midnight, and I want to get this stupid thing finished so that I can use it tomorrow” flaw. It only sort of repels itself open. I’ll get around to fixing it at some point. For now, it’s usable, and I plan to use the heck out of it!