I’m currently on Day 2 of Sicky Week, and I’ve finally mustered up the energy to come sit down and do something semi-productive at the computer. (I stayed home from work yesterday and today with a pretty nasty earache.) Being sick is so frustrating. You’ve got time on your hands, since you can’t go to work, but you feel so lousy that working on projects is like the worst thing you could possibly make yourself do. I’m feeling so bogged down on Christmas projects right now too (and whose fault is that…. SARAH???) and I’ve got to get moving on things. None of it’s been quilting related either.
I think the worst thing that I’ve gotten myself into latley is that I decided that I’d make my own Christmas cards. Let’s talk about how stupid of an idea this has been. There are several large problems going along with this task:
1. I should have started this project last March. I doubt I’ll ever have enough time to finish all that I need to do.
2. It’s not fun at all. Maybe if I were making 10 of them it would be fun, but I have a lot more than 10 people on our Christmas cards list.
3. They look like crap, and I have no idea how to make them look better.
4. I’ve already bought the materials, and if I give up now and go buy store bought cards I’ll feel defeated and lousy that I gave up after buying the supplies.
It’s not just the cards either. I have four more gifts to finish making, including two that go to people at the school, so I’ll have to have them finished by two weeks from tomorrow. That’s really soon! Then there’s the decorations that I’d like to make for my own house, including a pretty good idea for a snowflake garland type thing that I’d really like to get done soon, so that I’m able to use it before the first of the year. It’s stupid that I’m stressed out about projects that I’m making myself do–it’s not like I should have to have any of these things done.
Oh yeah, and there’s a big quilt whose due date is approching closer and closer, and it’s not getting any closer to being finished.
I need to chill out.