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I-Art Festival 2013

For the past two weekends I’ve been set up at semi-local craft fairs. For a number of years, I pretty much exclusively did summer shows like these with my friend Amie of enamor. We’ll still do shows together when we can, but every now and then, it’s nice to do shows where I can spread out and have the whole tent to myself. Sometimes I miss having someone to talk to all day when it gets slow (or weird…and no, I don’t sell potato sacks thankyouverymuch) but I’m really excited with how my individual set up is taking shape.

I-Art Festival 2013

Earlier this spring I had an idea to find a used ladder to incorporate into my setup, but after talking to Ben about what I wanted to look for, he suggested that he just build me one that fit the dimensions I was looking for. Not only does it fit perfectly, he built it so it will lay flat with the shelves inside it for transporting it. I can use all the help I can in that department since I have a very small car that’s not the best for always fitting everything that I need inside.

craft show sign

Finally, I had picked up this super inexpensive Ikea chalkboard last year (I had figured I’d make one of those too, but found this one for less than $15 and couldn’t pass it up), but I was never happy with how I was making it look. This summer I invested in some chalk pens that really made a difference in how I could make it look. I loved how easy they were to use and when I needed to do so, the wiped off without any problem. For instance, when I first wrote out the sign and spelled my name “Hip To Piece Sqares.” No one’s going to notice that or anything.

And aside for weathering my first show all zipped up inside my tent during a severe thunderstorm warning in the second weekend (all was okay, but good grief, the rain!) I had a fantastic two weekends of craft show fun.

One Thought on “getting all showy

  1. Sarah, you’re display looks amazing! It’s so cohesive and lovely— and you know I love me some clothespins. Nice job, crafty friend!

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