What makes me happy these days?


Three bins full of fabric scraps to be re-sorted, cut, ironed and used.

full desk

A messy desk filled full of projects in progress.

what to do?

Happy, but maybe a little overwhelmed, I must say.

p.s. A few new items are in the shop. I’d love it if you’d take a look!

I am so easily swayed by peer pressure. Okay, so nobody pressured me, but I still couldn’t help myself.

didn't need a new hobby

So yeah, I’ve got a bit of a crochet addiction now. I kept getting caught up in all of the new crochet that kept popping up in my photostream on Flickr in the past month, but then! I found out there was going to be a crocheted potholder swap. And then I may have signed up…without completely knowing how to crochet.

I do know how to do some basic crochet. Very, very basic. So, to work on my skillz, I thought I’d step the difficulty level up an notch and try the hexagon pattern that I found at this lovely website. They turned out a little like this:

yarn bowls

Not so much what I was hoping for. I don’t know if I’m just reading the pattern wrong or my stitches are too tight, but I added a few chain stitches here and there, and a few more stitches in the final row, and things are looking so much better.

didn't need a new hobby

So much better. It looks a teeny bit different than the pattern wanted them to look, but I’m happy with them. I hadn’t intend on wanting to continue on with these, but I think I’m going to attempt a full afghan of them. We’ll see though…I’m easily sidetracked.

I know this may come as a shock but, I’m finishing a quilt. A real one! I figured it was about time, seeing as though I have my a-maz-ing new sewing machine now.

quilt sandwich
When I started this quilt (FOUR YEARS AGO) I was a firm believer in the idea that a quilt wasn’t a quilt unless it was completely made by hand. No sewing machines allowed. I now realize that is a dumb idea. Seriously dumb. No freaking wonder I burnt out on quilting.

Hand piecing everything + hand quilting everything = kinda boring.

squishy quilt
I’ve always really wanted to come back to working on this quilt. I put it away partially because I had a lot of trouble figuring out what I wanted to use as a backing fabric. (I ended up going with a super cute Michael Miller print–white with black exclamation points.) But the real reason why I gave up on it initially is because I was really tired of hand quilting. I had just finished this for two of my friends and I really just had enough. I thought about machine quilting at that point, but I’m glad that I waited until now. My old machine was so much less reliable about even stitches than my sexy new machine. (yep. I said sexy.)

crappy stitches
But even with my new machine and walking foot on, I’ve had a hard time controlling the spacing in stitches. It’s been getting better, but I’ve noticed that I have to be really careful about not letting the weight of the quilt pull at all while I’m feeding it into the machine. I was also really thrown off by not having tight tension on all three layers of the sandwich. When I hand quilt, I use a hoop to hold the layers tight, but when you sew on a machine, you really just leave it all up to your basting work. It’s odd at first, but I’m getting used to it now.

So, just a little more quilting to go, plus the binding. I’m ready to have this four year project finished.

on the head

Wheee! Two blog posts and two completed knits in one whole week!

Darkside Cowl

My lovely friend Allison had a birthday this past weekend, and being the lovely person she is, deserved something that was squishy and warm and red. I knew I wouldn’t be able to crank out a pair of socks in just a few days so I decided to go with a Darkside Cowl. I love how defined the stitch pattern is, but yet is still simple enough to wear just about with anything. It was also a perfect way for me to use a nice yarn and be finished in less than a month.

squishy and red

Allison is also a knitter and appreciates good yarn so I picked out
something I hadn’t seen before — Elsebeth Lavold Baby Llama. LLAMA! This stuff is super soft and squishy. I’m a little worried that it might pill and nub up a bit, but hopefully the softness will make up for any of that.

Pattern here, yo!

Crap. I’ve done it again.

I’ve been debating wiping the blog out and starting fresh (just because I think it’s pretty embarrassing that my last post was in October…of the sewing machine I bought in August) but I think I’m going to just leave it up. Nobody’s reading this pile anymore, anyway.

So, back to business. I finished a new hat.

Picot Edge Hat!

I was skeptical about this hat for several reasons. As I knitted it, the brim seemed very odd to me. The picot edges seem a lot larger than I had expected and I thought it might look silly. I also was concerned with not having enough yarn in the end (I used two skeins Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight Baby Alpaca) so I decided to begin the decreases early. I think if this yarn was thicker and I was planning on using it as a winter hat, I would have ripped back and knitted it longer, but I’m satisfied with using it for a spring hat.

On Ravelry? See the details here. And hey, add me as a friend. I like friends.