Tree Bag

I’m having a rough time getting motivated to create recently. I haven’t worked on a quilt in weeks, my ideas feel bland and boring, and I’ve had no real inspiration to really work on any new projects. I feel like all of the ideas that I do come up with are essentally copies of what has “inspired” me and very little of what I do think of is really original. I see so much wonderful, creative goings-on elsewhere, and I just don’t feel as though I stand on the same level of the women who’s blogs I daily read.
I was excited about this tree bag at first–I whipped it up very quickly and it sold super fast on Etsy–and I had plans to make others just as quickly, but that quickly fizzled. I need to get through this creative block, and get my clogged up mind back in action!

It may be hard to believe, being that I’ve not written a word here in over a week, but I’ve actually been pretty productive lately.

Wispy Lawn

This is my favorite project that I finshed last week. I’ve been inspired by other quilters who work in the small-scale for so long, and until recently I was stumped on what I wanted to try to make. For being my first attempt at something like this, I was very happy with what I finshed.
For now, my quilt is resting on one of my shelves, but if anyone is interested, “Wispy Lawn” is for sale at my Etsy shop.

Finally, an update about the quilt-along! I’ve been slacking about a new DS post because I’ve been too ashamed that I’ve hardly been working on mine. As of this afternoon though, I have my “Flock of Triangles” top completely pieced.

Flock of Triangles

(I thought I was going to get a decent picture this afternoon with the sun actually being out for once in the last month and a half, but I took too long and missed the light.)
It’s really tiny–I had intended on it being a baby gift, but after I started assembling it, I decided I wanted it to be a wall hanging in my sewing room (that’s not such a bad thing, is it?). For being such a small project, at times it really was a big headache. The first thing I missed was that I should have cut the triangles to not stretch (normally I like ignoring bias rules because I feel like it gives the quilts a more unique look that I tend to like). My rows were off in a couple of spots, but since they also had the stretch, it wasn’t a problem to squeek an extra bit of length into them. My other problem seemed to be not sewing off the tips of the triangles. It was a little hard to make things straight, but I just figured that I’d go with it, tips missing and all.
And from what I’ve heard and seen from everyone participating, things seem to be going really well! As Christmas presents, Angela made just about everyone she knew a potholder. Seriously, she made SEVENTEEN of them. She’s by far the winner of most DS projects completed! Jenne also made an awsome potholder with the cutest red and white polka dot fabric on it. I loved it!
Stephanie has set to work on “What a Bunch of Squares.” It’s really off to a good start. Jessica has taken on two projects at once. She’s working on ““Big Zig” and “One Tote Fits All.” Not only are they turning out great, but she’ll probably get tips from Denyse during her quilting class that she’s taking in Connecticut through Make Workshop! How exciting for her!
I’ll share more news as it comes–we have a few new additions to the quilt-along so hopefully we’ll be seeing great things from them too!
Also, if for some reason you e-mailed me about wanting to participate and I haven’t returned your e-mail, I may not have gotten it on the first try. Please either leave a comment, or retry my e-mail
again. Everyone who wants to participate is totally invited to join at any time!

I’ve not been very good about posting my recent quilting and crafting adventures lately. The majority of what I’ve been working on in the last week has been for my Etsy shop though. It was starting to look pretty embarrassing over there.
My big projects have been my pillows:

Etsy Pillow #1

(I think I may have shown that one back in December. It was the first one that I made for my shop. It’s hard to know with all of those felties I made last month–it’s practically the only thing I remember doing!)
Then there’s:
Etsy Pillow #2

And of course there’s:
Etsy Pillow #3

The new sewing table is wonderful for assembling those, by the way! I’ve also been making everybody’s favorite crafty project: marble magnets. I discovered how cool using scrapbooking paper can be to make really good marble magnets.
Here’s the red and pink set:
Etsy Magnets #1

Then we have the green and blue set:
Etsy Magnets #2

And as always, the multi-colored set:
Etsy Magnets #3

So that’s a lot (not all though) of what I’ve been working on lately. I hope to put more up in my store by the week’s end, as well as work on some of my own projects too. It’s nice to have somethings that I work on just for myself, too.

Mom's Socks

I really hope this is my last post about knitting socks for awhile now! I finished these just under the wire for Christmas. This pair went to my very happy mom. She’s gone on about how much she liked the first pair I knit up for myself, so I knew that I wanted to make her some too. I also made one other similar pair for my aunt, but being the slow person I am, I finished them up just moments before I wrapped them and forgot to snap a picture of them. It was nice to give so many people knitted gifts this year, but I’ve just about had it with the socks!

Day 25

Merry Belated Christmas! I’m sorry about my slowness in posts the last week or so–I’ve been caught up in all things holiday related, as well as overly relaxing on my time off of work. I figure since I’m going back to work tomorrow, that the holiday is officialy over, and if I waited too much longer to post the rest of these, I’d really be trashed by everyone!
Here’s the final look at the advent felties:
25 Days of Felties

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them at first, but I found this little tree at Michaels for a $1.50 about a week before Christmas. It turned out to be the perfect size to hold the felties and sit on the ledge between my kitchen and living room. I’m sad to have to put it away, but I’ll look forward to having it already made for next year.