Arrrgggg!  It's Frankie!

Happy Halloween, everyone! The mini light up Frankensteins and I are mere minutes away from helping our neighborhood kids get their very important, yearly sugar fix. I hope you all are doing your part in your town too. Think of the kids (and think of yourself with your leftover candy, too)!

This past Saturday (yep, it’s taken me this long to write about something that happened on Saturday) I went to a really amazing vintage textile show at our local antique district. I’m glad I only went with $20 in my bag because I seriously would not have been able to control myself with more.

Vintage Goodness

I did, however, pick up four pieces of vintagie goodness. The first three pieces on the right side are feedsack fabrics (my favorite kind of antique fabric). I think I would have bought more of that too if I had found others in better condition. And I think the paisley is fabulous. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with paisley to be honest.
As for what I’ll be doing with it, I haven’t any idea.

I have finally made some progress with a project for the Denyse Schmidt Quilt-Along! I’m working on a crib size “Flock of Triangles” to give as a gift later this winter.

Baby Flock

I know the picture is really bad, but as soon as I had all the pieces in a good spot, I had to snap a shot of it. I wasn’t real excited about doing a light blue and white quilt, but it’s actually pretty nice. If it were for me, than I think I would have chosen some more interesting colors. I’m just glad that I’m finally getting started on a quilt from the book!
We’ve had a few new joiners too! Jenne has made the coolest oven mitt, and is planning on doing a few more projects as well. We’ll be watching to see what she does next! Stephanie is a knitter who just got bit by the quilting bug, and will be trying out “What A Bunch of Squares” for her first project. It’s already looking great! And finally, Juliann has made a crib size version of “A Day At the Beach, and it turned out amazing:
Juliann's Day At the Beach

I’m so excited to see what people have done so far. All of your projects are coming (or have already come) along so well. We’re making some great pieces from this book!


In preperation for fall (which I’m grumply doing) I have knitted my first pair of socks. They’re certainly not perfect, but since I’m really not a very experienced knitter I’m okay with the way they turned out. For some reason I’ve been in the mood to do a lot more knitting this past week than quilting…hmmm, I wonder why.

It’s SO done! After a weekend and a few extra days of relaxing after our friend’s wedding, I’m finally ready to show off the pictures of the latest wedding quilt. I’ve had a hard time not really talking about this quilt much over the last year (since it took so much work to make!). It came down to the wire (yep, I’m a procrastinator!) but I finished it up last Thursday night and had it ready to pass along to them on Friday at their rehearsal dinner.
I did mangage to squeeze in a photo shoot before I packaged it up!

It's Finished!

It’s amazing how different it looks to me when it’s open and not right in front of my face. I really didn’t get the full effect until I had it all done and could look at it from far away.
A Ton of Squares In That Thing

I put a patch on the back like I have for the last three quilts I’ve done. It looks about the same as the others!
A Ton of Squares In That Thing

I realized when I got home that my camera did not take very good pictures of Laura and Steve opening their quilt in the dark restaurant. So here’s the best I can do for now though:
It's Not a Girlie Quilt, Steve!

It’s such a big relief to have it done. Enjoy it, Laura and Steve! :)