My sister’s 21st birthday was this past Tuesday. And the perfect present for a sister who’s just turned 21 is of course… knitted socks. Whoo.

21st Birthday socks

While I was knitting the second sock I had a revelation while watching an episode of Knitty Gritty about sock knitting (oh my gosh, I’m knitting a sock, while watching a show about knitting socks! How weird!), about how to better pick up the stitches along the heel so there would be less gapping between the stitiches. I was really amazed how obviously better the second sock was than the first.
I at least hope she’ll wear them next time she has a drink.

Day 18

Rudolph looks like someone just told him the stupidest joke in the world, and he’s trying to make them feel better by acting like it was funny. What a wonderful Christmas story I’ve just come up with.

Day 16

I’m sorry about the last few days delay of posting. I’ve been feeling a little lousy, and I’m in overdrive trying to finish up the last of my Christmas gifts. I hope the next few days make up for my slowness! :)

Day 15

The ice skate was a last minute idea and I was really excited about it. I just wish I would have been able to get a little better picture of it. Only 10 more felties to go–yikes! I guess I need to think about finishing my presents and Christmas cards, too!

Day 13

On the 13th day of Christmas, I made a sheep out of felt. Again, not exclusively Christmas-y, but I just had to do it. Some of my close friends know that I have a number 13 Serta sheep that I cuddle with at night and have a strangly human relationship with (he SO talks to me in sheep language!). So in honor of my cuddly Sheepy, I had to recreate him in felt.
Sheepy and Emma

Here’s Sheepy with my sewing machine, Emma. Yes, I do name inanimate objects in my house and no, I don’t think you’re ever too old to have a pal to hang on to at night.