I did something last night that I may have never done before and may never do again in my lifetime. I actually put all my fabric away. In neat stacks so that I can see what I have.

And you guys, it is SO NICE.

Other than finishing projects, I’m not sure if anything else comes close to the satisfaction of just going through my fabric. Even if I don’t cut into it, spending time just thinking about what it could become is enough to turn around my driest of creative spells.


I think it’s interesting how my fabric buying habits have changed throughout the years. When I first started quilting and collecting fabric, I would hardly ever buy anything more than a quarter of a yard. Then I bumped up to half-yards, but once I started making bags, I felt like I went through my favorites so fast. I now typically buy in one yard cuts, but even that seems like so little sometimes. The best fabrics always seem to get used up so quickly, and then I feel sad about it. (Wow, that sounds a little pathetic.)

So in turn, I’ve also become stingy with the fabric I do have. As much as I want to use it, I want to keep it around in my stash for that perfect project. What if I find a pattern that is the most amazing thing ever and I don’t have anymore of that one amazing green? I get so concerned about it.

I’ve also thought a little more about buying full lines of fabric. I have quite a few Amy Butler prints, but I always bought them just because I liked them. Then, last summer Red Letter Day by Lizzie House came out and I wanted all of the colors in all of the prints to make a huge, wonderful quilt. I wonder if it’s time that I should invest in more coordinating pieces. Or, will the things that I make be more unique because I spent the time coordinating the fabrics on my own?

(But, I suppose it doesn’t matter since I won’t cut into anyway.)