I think I may have made the best bag that I’ve ever made this week.

Lilac Tree Tote

Not to toot my own horn or anything (that so sounded like something a grandma would say) by I’m pretty pleased with my work on this bad boy. I was sitting in the sewing room the other night, playing with my buttons and I needed to make something with them. I’ve been through the standard tree button colors a few times now, and I really didn’t want to repeat that with this. Instead I started thinking about trees in the spring, and how the purple lilacs are one of my favorites. I ended up with this.

On the Inside

I did pockets with this one. I didn’t know I could do pockets!

Just the tree

There was a bit of a tense moment during the whole process when I accidently ripped the last bit of gray fabric that I had. I had miscalculated the seam allowence when I was making the handles, and instead of carefully ripping out the stitching I sliced the whole side of the handel, wrecking it. I nearly lost it. Thank goodness JoAnn’s had the same color gray, without any mismatched dye lot issues like I was fearing.

And as usual, I’ve put this bag up in my Etsy Shop. It may have to be torn from my hands though, since apparently I’m in love with it.

Being the kind of person who likes to be a joiner, I thought I’d participate this week in showing what I’ve been working on.

Pouches In Progress

My pile of fabric that is soon to be sliced and diced to become pouches for the shop. I get on these kicks where I just have to make a lot of one certain thing. I’m feeling that way right now with the pouches. You may be seeing a lot of them in the near future. :)

Fabric Organizing

I don’t know if this counts as a project or not, but I’ve been working on re-organizing my sewing and crafts room for a good week now. This shelf is starting to show some progress, but there’s a good reason why I didn’t show a picture of the floor….or anywhere else in the room for that matter.

I’ve seriously lost my mind. But as you might have guessed, I’ve added a lot of stuff to the shop. Lots more than I’ve ever had in there before. Here’s some of the new stuff:

Water Drops Pouch

Circus Pouch

Circus Pouch

Pink Party Quilted Card

There’s lots more cards and a few other pouches and pincushions and things, too. I’m hoping there will be more to come later this week as well. Thanks for sticking with me through my bit of self promotion.

I failed to mention today that I have accomplished a few things in the past weeks. I think the heat was making me loopy.

I finished four new bags that I’m really proud of:

Flipflops Tote

Noontime Tote

Jennifer Tote

Daylily Tote

Know when you’ve finished something, and you’re really proud of it? I feel that way with these bags. They just came together so well, it was almost like they were too easy to make. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to share them for awhile now–I hope you like!

So I’ve been somewhat hesitant to post lately because all of the work that I’ve done in the last month has been for my Etsy shop. I started to feel weird that I was always just showing the things I’ve been making to sell (I felt like I was being too advertising-y). But since that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks, I guess I feel a responsiblity to show that I have actually been really busy with making things.

Pink & White Buttons

Sad Tooth Pouch

Leafy Greens

Mod Dots Pouch

Rainy Day Tote

Purple Quilted Pouch

Gumdrop Tote

Gumdrop Tote

Gumdrop Tote

So those are some of the things I’ve done this past month! Hopefully I’ll come up with something else to do in May besides make tote bags and pouches. Maybe I’ll even make something that has to do with quilts!

I’ve not been very good about posting my recent quilting and crafting adventures lately. The majority of what I’ve been working on in the last week has been for my Etsy shop though. It was starting to look pretty embarrassing over there.
My big projects have been my pillows:

Etsy Pillow #1

(I think I may have shown that one back in December. It was the first one that I made for my shop. It’s hard to know with all of those felties I made last month–it’s practically the only thing I remember doing!)
Then there’s:
Etsy Pillow #2

And of course there’s:
Etsy Pillow #3

The new sewing table is wonderful for assembling those, by the way! I’ve also been making everybody’s favorite crafty project: marble magnets. I discovered how cool using scrapbooking paper can be to make really good marble magnets.
Here’s the red and pink set:
Etsy Magnets #1

Then we have the green and blue set:
Etsy Magnets #2

And as always, the multi-colored set:
Etsy Magnets #3

So that’s a lot (not all though) of what I’ve been working on lately. I hope to put more up in my store by the week’s end, as well as work on some of my own projects too. It’s nice to have somethings that I work on just for myself, too.