I’m wallowing in frustration here at work. Instead of typing up a neat, little 20 second vo/sot about the new 20 year master plan at Capitol City Airport, I’m scanning my favorite websites. It’s my retaliation for all of the nonsense I put up with here.
But in my exploration, I’ve found a really neat quilt idea. The crafty-gal behind Going Domestic pulled this together, and I really want to make one now! I was thinking about a red, yellow and white quilt, possibly (it all depends on when I find just the fabric I need) add a yellow, red, and white striped pattern, with the same color. I think the only different thing I would use, would be instead of satin ribbon, I’d use the more woven, ribbed ribbon. I think it might hold up a little better in the long run.
Don’t worry. I finished writing my airport story.

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