I’m not so much about writing about the problems of my personal life, but I have to say, I’m pretty mad about what’s happening at work right now. Not only did everyone that I work with get fired on Monday, but I promise, no one is jumping up and down for joy about it. Yesterday in the Lansing State Journal, our station’s General Manager made a few comments that I thought were just horrible. “The mood is just great here” and “I’m just tickeled.” Whatever. I guess she’s not the one trying to comfort the on-air talent while the show is going on. No, I can’t say as though my life is over with since I lost my job. I was looking for other prospects. But no one likes to have the security of having a steady job taken away from them before they’re ready to. So, although I know no one from work will read this, and the only people that I suppose will are my friends and a few others out there on the Internet, I wanted to make sure, in some way, I’m not giving my soon to be former employer good press, since I don’t think they deserve it.
Okay, I’m off my soapbox and I promise I’ll go back to writing about my usual stuff next time.

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