I’m not allowing myself to do anymore knitting for awhile. When I start knitting something, it’s the only thing I do…ever. I finished my poncho this past weekend, and when I brought it to my crafty girls group this week, people were amazed that I had it done already. THAT’S BECAUSE I’VE DONE NOTHING ELSE SINCE I STARTED IT! I’m not fast, I just have no life. But it is finished, and it’s nice to wear around the house.

Blue Poncho

And now, since I’m no longer letting myself start any new knitting projects, I’ve actually gotten some work finished on my new wedding quilt. Today I sewed three finished blocks together. That was a big accomplishment. For months, I only had one actual block completly done. Now I can start to see just what the top is really going to look like:
Blue Poncho

It needs to be ironed pretty bad right now, but I’d like to wait and do that when I get a strip of six blocks done before I do that work. I’m real pleased with how it’s starting to look. Now if I can just get a lot of work finished with it this weekend when we’re on our 12 hour trip to North Carolina. As long as it doesn’t make me carsick, I should do pretty well!

4 Thoughts on “I’m Putting the Knitting Needles Away

  1. I absolutely love the wedding quilt. The colors are my favorites. I can’t wait to see your next progress pics. Great job so far!

  2. Wow, that is going to look KILLER when it’s all done! What a gorgeous start.

  3. ooh! I love those colors. How are you EVER going to give that away??

  4. Dottie Nelson on March 5, 2005 at 8:48 am said:

    Do you have the pattern for the Poncho?? I would like to knit one but haven’t found a good pattern to this date.
    Thanks, Dottie

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