Since it’s been 85 degrees and over for what feels like forever, I’ve been knitting instead of quilting lately. The nice thing about knitting is that unlike quilting, I can have a major project finished in a couple of weeks if I put my mind to it. It’s just impossible to do that with quilting. To keep myself busy, I made this poncho:

Knit Poncho

While I was working on it, Ben asked why I would ever want to work on a sweater on a 90 degree day in June. At the time, my answer was that it was too hot to sew, and that I was making it to wear in the fall. Unfortunatly, I want to wear it now, despite being so hot that I would die while wearing it.
And until the heat breaks a little more, I’m going to be doing more knitting. My friend gave me a pattern for a bag that she’s already made, and I’m going to make one for myself and one for a friend’s birthday. For Kate’s I’m using a dark gray and bright blue wool.
Felted Bag Yarn

I’m excited to get the first one started, but I really do want to get back to my quilting too (the hot weather is supposed to get better by Wednesday–yay!). But, being that this is primarly a quilting blog (and since I like to write about quilting and not other random things) I’ve been slow on the news this last month. I’d rather have quality things to say about my blog’s topic, rather than blathering junk. Some people may have more interesting lives, or have the ablity to make their lives seem that way, but I’m just not about that here. So please don’t give up on my blog, friends, I just haven’t had anything too interesting to say lately! :)

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