My Denyse Schmidt Quilts book arrived in the mail yesterday and I found this on page 172:

Weblog Shout-Out!

I am so flattered! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Denyse!
I had a few people tell me it was in there, but it was still so cool to actually see it there, in print! Now I’m in the process of showing everyone who’s even remotly willing to look at it. (Most people already know I’m crazy, so if I start flapping a book at them while jumping up and down, they’re usually not too weirded out anymore…)

4 Thoughts on “Wow!

  1. That’s SO AWESOME for you!!!!! Now you’ll have millions of hits and comments! How fun and flattering. :)

  2. dude. you are totally famous!

  3. So cool! I would be totally on cloud 9! Good for you!

  4. woohoo! that is so cool! good luck at the fair too. i hope you win a big flashy ribon. 😉 becka

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