You know how I was going to do the Eclipse quilt in red, yellow, orange and pink for the Modern Quilt-Along? Scratch that. I just couldn’t make it look right. I have a new plan though. First off, I’m changing to the Love Beads pattern.

Love Beads

Then I started thinking about an actual Big Idea. Why did I want to use those colors in the first place? They’re colors that I keep wanting to make a quilt out of (most things I’ve made seem to end up in the blue and green family). At that point I decided to drop the pink and orange from this quilt. I just think it’s going to be necessary for this project.
My next train of thought was to determine what things I love are red and yellow. Flowers, of course!
They were in my wedding bouquet:
Red and Yellow Bouquet

And they’re some of my favorites in my yard:
Red and Yellow Tulip

Yellow Sunflowers

Red Daylily

Yellow Coreopsis

I made a list of my favorite red and yellow flowers and picked fabric to represent each one of them:
Love Beads Fabric

The main color will be similar to the color of my house to represent all of my favorite flowers growing next to my home. I feel content finally with this Big Idea. It’s much more satisfying than my original plan was.

3 Thoughts on “Big Idea

  1. My book shipped and is in Atlanta, so it should arrive today or tommorow!!

  2. I also thought ‘a color combo I like’ was sufficient for a Big Idea, but it really didn’t click until I related it to something more definable and personal. It adds constraints AND gives you direction for other colors to throw in the mix. Duh! Why didn’t I listen?
    Weeks and Ringle must feel drunk with power!
    (And I’ll change your pattern on my list! Love Beads is proving to be the most popular pattern in this little quilt-along.)

  3. Sarah, I think your new color combo is going to be great, there is nothing like relating it to something we love. Your flowers are so pretty…
    Hugs Tina

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