With just over a week to go before I go back to work, I’m starting to notice that I’m in a little bit of a frenzy to get as much quilting as possible done before next Wednesday. To most people, that would probably mean working on the projects that I’ve already started and committed myself to (like finishing Laura and Steve’s wedding quilt, basting the Modern Quilt-Along Quilt, making a final decision on which Denyse Schmidt pattern I’m going to do for the quilt along) but apparently, I just can’t do that. Instead I decided that I wanted to try something else, without a patten. I came up with this:

Blue and Yellow Blocks

I’m really happy with what they’re turning out like. No two blocks are the same yet, which I think is good. I figure I’ll make as many blocks as I can until I either run out of the fabric, or I have enough to make a quilt. I’m thinking I’ll also add a cream colored muslin sashing between the blocks. We’ll see.

2 Thoughts on “Fabric Experiment

  1. Sometimes you just have to start something new! (Don’t ask how I know…) Looking good so far, Sarah!

  2. very Denyse-ish…
    Maybe this could be your quilt along quilt, not exactly from the book, but inspired by “What a Bunch of Squares” Then your new project could fit in with those already committed to. 😉

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