New Bag

Gosh, I love bags! I picked up a patchwork bandana today, and decided that I’d make it into a new lunch bag for work. It only took me a few hours and for a first try, I’m pretty pleased with it. (I love projects that only take a few hours to do!) I have collected a few other bandanas (not the patchwork kind like this one though) so I think I’ll make some more. Maybe my sewing skills will get better with the next one.

3 Thoughts on “Patchwork Bag

  1. totally adorable.

  2. Alicia on August 14, 2005 at 9:57 pm said:

    Beautiful bag!! How did you sew the bottom? A separate piece or did you “box in the side seams”?

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. How did you do it? I have been wanting to try and sew my own patchwork bad, but don’t know how to start. Any good tips/ instructions?

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