Snowy Thanksgiving

Here in Michigan it’s been getting whiter all day long. At work this afternoon, all I could think about was coming home, putting on comfy clothes and quilting. After a week of sewing nothing but curtains (I’m so tired of curtains) I’m so eagar to get back to projects that I want to work on.
Bent Squares

I started this quilt a few months ago. I got bored one night and just decided to start sewing squares together to see what I could come up with, and it ended up turning out. It was fun proving to myself that I actually could make something look good without a plan or a pattern.

Then the other night in a fit of curtain boredom, I decided to start working on this log cabin quilt block. I wanted to challenge myself to put together fabrics that I normally wouldn’t have put together. I want to do something with the log cabin block to make it look less frumpy and country, and more modern and bold. I’m not done with this one yet, but hopefully after a couple more hours with it, I’ll have something that I’m happy with.
And no matter where you are at tomorrow, and regardless of what country you’re in, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. With all that I’m thankful this year, I really am so lucky to have the ablity to keep and write this weblog. Your visits and comments really do mean so much to me. Many good wishes to you all!

6 Thoughts on “Get Cozy

  1. I am so COMPLETELY jealous. It is like 58 here. Not cold, not warm, just eh. And I love the blocks. Happy T day!

  2. wow awesome. I like the wonky squares and I really like the colors in the log cabins…. Your stuff always rocks….

  3. That bottom block would make a great cushion panel!

  4. lookin’ good! I like how the bottom square is working out. Colors that you wouldn’t naturally put together always create some fun and surprise 😉

  5. Hi, fun quilt squares! I like your idea of using fabrics you wouldn’t normally put together. I love putting together fabric combos, but can get in a rut of being to matchy matchy. Might have to try something random, thanks for your inspiration. And it is always nice to find fellow crafters in Michigan.

  6. KEWL (cool) log cabin! Definately my colors… But I really like your free-spiritedness with them!

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