Day 12

I’m finally starting to feel the pressure to come up with something new each day! I’ve got a few felties finished up for later on with some more obvious choices for Christmas themes. Does candy consitute as Christmasy though? I’ve been looking at what’s already hanging on my tree to get some ideas. I’m hoping to not have any repeats, but we’ll see how desperate I get in a few more days!

Day 10

I’m just squeeking in under the wire today. Hope everyone enjoyed day 10! (And for people who aren’t really sure what I made today, it is actually a lightbulb. I put the sparkles on it to help it look more twinklie.)

Day 8

It may look like a sweet little day 8 poinsettia, but truth be told, it’s actually a giant, crafty gal eating flower. Just before this picture was taken, it tried to swallow the snowflake from day 3 down inside its giant flower center. Somehow this one got a little bit out of hand. I hope you enjoy it, anyway!

Day 7

I’m keeping myself warm today on day 7 with my new candle. It’s not doing much for me, due to the fact that says it’s 8 degrees out right now. Brrrr!