Day 1

The countdown until Christmas has finally begun! I’ll be sharing my Advent calendar one day at a time this year. I’m going with wool felt for Christmas related cut-outs. I’m pretty much making them as I go along, so I’m not allowed to run out of steam on this one. You’re allowed to yell at me (nicely, please!) if I don’t post my new cut-outs each day!

Now that I’m officially finished with the ugly curtains (yay!) I’m able to get back to work on the things I like to do. First up (besides the few Christmas presents I’m working on and can’t show right now) was to finish up the log cabin square that I started last week. I decided to go for a quick to finish project, and make a pillow.

Log Cabin Pillow, no. 1

Shortly into it though, I realized that I was actually far behind the times. These pillows at A Bird In The Hand are far superior to mine. So I know that I’m not being that unique or creative after seeing those, but it was a lot of fun to make, so I whipped up a smaller second one, too.
Log Cabin Pillow, no. 2

I really enjoyed making these, and there may be others like it on the way!