Day 13

On the 13th day of Christmas, I made a sheep out of felt. Again, not exclusively Christmas-y, but I just had to do it. Some of my close friends know that I have a number 13 Serta sheep that I cuddle with at night and have a strangly human relationship with (he SO talks to me in sheep language!). So in honor of my cuddly Sheepy, I had to recreate him in felt.
Sheepy and Emma

Here’s Sheepy with my sewing machine, Emma. Yes, I do name inanimate objects in my house and no, I don’t think you’re ever too old to have a pal to hang on to at night.

4 Thoughts on “Sheepish

  1. very cute..both of them

  2. And what manger scene lacks sheep? Sheep are totally Christmasy. :)

  3. I’m with you on never being old enough to have to give up the bed time pal. Mine is a bear my boyfriend “made” me (Build-a-Bear, how I love thee) when I had to go to bed without him when he went back to working overnights while we were living together.
    I can’t sleep without Jack (the bear), and will actually get up and look for him if he isn’t on my bed for some reason…
    And I’ve really enjoyed watching your advent calendar take shape. You’ve some real talent with that felt there.

  4. I agree about having ‘someone’ to hold onto at night. Besides dh… I have a big old floppy dog I named Armond … “Arm-on” because I needed something to prop my arm on at night and he’s so nice to snuggle with!
    I enjoyed all your countdown crafts!

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