So while I’ve not been posting, I’ve been staying more busy than I’ve been in weeks. My motivation is back, and I’ve been exciting about what has been coming together at my sewing machine.
I loved the brown tree bag that I made back in January, and since I got such a good response from it, I decided to try another one. I started out with another of the brown bag/orange, yellow, and green button combination bag. I was happy with the first one, but this one exceeded what I thought I’d be able to do.

Fall Tree Bag

The sewing turned out much neater than the first and I added more buttons to this one. I think that helped it out a lot.
Just as I was finishing the brown one though, I scanned through my fabric colors and got so excited about this combination:

Spring Tree Bag

I loved how this one looks so much like a spring tree as compared to the brown tree that looks so fall-like. I’ve not been this happy with something that I’ve made in so long. I’m really thinking about making more in other colors still.
***Both are available in my Etsy Shop if anyone is interested!!! :)

3 Thoughts on “Seasons

  1. i love the tree bag line!!

  2. Kathie on March 9, 2006 at 3:41 pm said:

    You could have a different tree bag for each week of the year and be known as the tree-bag lady!

  3. these tree bags are GORGEOUS and super original…and your post about your first craft fair was hilarious.

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