I’ve survived my very first craft sale this weekend! And thanks to some of the nicest people I know (Ben, Mom, Claudia, Mom and Dad Minshall, Dana, Jenny and Mike, Kristina, Meghan and Allison–you are all the best!!) I actually had vistors and a few sales to boot! I did learn a few things about this weekend though for future ventures into local craft sales that I’d like to share:

The Hip To Piece Squares Booth

1. If it’s a craft sale at the fairgrounds, then chances are it’s going to bring in the same crowd as last weekend’s gun and knife show. There will be very few people who are hip to tree tote bags and bright colored pouches. They’re looking for things that will instead show their John Deere spirit.

2. Old men really like craft sales at fairgrounds. I’ve always thought that men were crabby about going to craft shows, but it turns out, after you retire and begin making things that nobody really wants, it’s the best place to meet other old men like yourself. The old men will then meet in masses in front of your very small setup and block anyone from seeing what you have.

3. Even if there are no animals present in the “Main Arena,” the scent of years and years of pigs, cows, and horses will still be present and can possibly make your things smell like last year’s fair.

4. Old ladies wearing sweatsuits with Americana applique will not buy your things. Not at all.

5. A teeny craft sale at the fairgrounds is not an entirely bad place to start out. I got to set up my things the way I wanted to, got some feedback from women not wearing sweatsuits and even sold a few things (but most to my friends and family). Good times, I say!

7 Thoughts on “Craft Sale Teachings

  1. Ok, So I am not doing so good with the quilt-a-long…however I have made three (instant gratification-type)quilts out of the new Denyse Schmidt fabrics. Does that count for anything?
    Also I have been busy blogging about Amy Butler’s new lines…she guest blogged for me on http://www.QuiltersBuzz.com this week… Denyse S. will be guest blogging in May. How fun is that?

  2. I like your analysis of the craft show crowd. Feedback and redefining your target market are all good things to learn…plus you made a buck or two. Your booth looks cute. But your stuff is “way beyond” the sweatsuit crowd. They just dont get it.
    But we do. It is fabulous.

  3. Congratulations on braving your first sale. I really liked your bag display frame – not to mention the stuff on it! Pretty tablecloth too.

  4. very funny!
    good for your for getting your feet wet
    i like your signs-and tablecloth (not to mention all the cuteness you had for sale!)

  5. i love your craft table set-up! your pouches and totes look great, and do i see baked goodies too? seems like you learned a lot at your first craft sale and about the people….

  6. if only we had booths like yours at the craft fair at the farigrounds in my town…I have stopped going since I do not need wood cutouts of womens back sides in flowered bloomers. Someone has to be the vanguard to start drawing the type/qulity of vendors/byers that will appreciate a more modern sensibility. SO congrats on being a pioneer…but it must be a lonely road. Bravo!

  7. I had to laugh out loud at your post b/c this past summer I discovered the same things! Bit of a hard lesson to learn, but worth it for the experience. I live in an area where the biggest potential buyers are all similar women (Here it is too hot for sweatsuits and they wear below the knee shorts, freebie t-shirts & white sun visors). It was a big disappointment to find many could “make the same thing cheaper” themselves 😉

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