Some scenes from my weekend:


Looking Up

So Many


I just can’t explain how much I love balloons. I lived a good chunk of my childhood in Statesville, North Carolina, where they have the most amazing balloon rally. We’d park away from where they’d be launched at and I remember how magical it seemed when all of a sudden, hundreds of balloons would rise up from behind the tree line. Unfortunatly, this balloon festival wasn’t quite as impressive as those, but to me, it was still wonderful.

2 Thoughts on “Up Up

  1. Wonderful pictures! Balloons fly over our house quite often and the kids and I run out to wave. On really still days we can hear the folks in the basket shouting to us!

  2. Lisa on June 28, 2006 at 7:26 am said:

    Cool, you were at the Howell Balloon Fest! I was working at the farmers’ market then and got a commemorative balloon pin from the mayors office. But I didn’t get to go see the balloons, too much work to do.

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