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Sock Singles

Much like the way that I prefer to run this blog, (by starting it and never bothering to follow through with an update for months at a time) I also knit socks. Do these socks match, though? No. Would I consider finishing a pair so that I could wear a matching set? Possibly…but I’ve got several other skeins of yarn that need to get started on too. Do I tend to follow through with any of my plans? Do I have to answer that now?

Seriously though, I’m on a sock kick right now. It’s something that I can take with me to work and do while I eat lunch, I can work on it while I’m watching television at night, and I can always toss it into my bag to work on while I’m out. I know people talk about how they can get so much sock knitting done when they’re in public during times of waiting, but it is so true, people! I just can’t take a full size quilt or a bag that needs to be sewn on the machine to the doctor’s office while I wait. I preach the truth–learn how to knit socks and you’ll never be bored while waiting again.

And while I’m on the subject of starting things I’ll never finish….does anyone know of a good “how to teach yourself how to crochet” website? I’ve tried to learn before (I never tried very hard, as that is my style with things) but I never got the hang of it. I have to learn so that I can make one of these though. So seriously beautiful.

5 Thoughts on “Finishing What I Start

  1. I am so glad to see your blog back in action!
    Here is a website that helped me learn to crochet http://www.nexstitch.com/v_crochet_videos.html

  2. Love your work! Your patchwork bags are GORGEOUS!
    If you’re willing to spring for a book, I highly recommends Kids’ Crochet, by Kelli Ronci. It’s some of the best instruction I’ve seen, and actually has some pretty cute projects. (How can you argue with a cupcake pincushion?) If I remember correctly, she focuses mostly on single crochet, but once you’ve mastered it, you should be able to move on pretty quickly.

  3. i learned this past fall and used the “happy hooker” book by debbie stoller. it really helped. and now i have made many things. although i’m terrible at photographing them and posting. i hear ya on the followthrough.
    granny squares are really easy so you could be hooking up that blanket in no time. 😀

  4. well it looks darn pretty. I can tell you that.

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