I’ve just got to say, there’s a lot of really good things going on right now. Like for instance, it’s the most lovely day we’ve had here yet this year. I have to admit, I’ve been a little jealous looking at all of the photos of people already experiencing spring, but today, it really feels like we’re not too far off.

afghan progress

Also making me happy is how fast I seem to be coming along on my first crocheting project. I can’t believe how fast it’s moving. In just over a week, I’ve done all of this:

afghan progress

The only downside to the whole thing is that I really had no idea how much yarn I was really going to need. As I keep adding rows, I’m really starting to notice that I’m just not going to have enough to finish the whole thing up. I’m worried that I’m not going to find what I need to finish it. I’m not real worried about things like dye lots–I’d just like to have a close match. Even so, I’m nervous I’m not going to find what I need.

afghan progress

So, spring weather, crocheting progress, and a TiVo that is filled with last night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony so that I can see all four original R.E.M. members play “Gardening At Night” makes for a great day. The best of days!

4 Thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. Enjoy these spring announcements. And all the good things in life. Like your crochet first project that is looking bright and gorgeous.

  2. Hi,
    saw your very nice tree bags on the somewhat overcrowded Bag group on Flickr and thought: I need to check out her blog! Nice stuff – the bags, pouches (I’m in a pouch phase right now ;)) the fabric you use.
    Enjoy spring – we’re in the middle of fruit trees blossoming overhere. I allways feel this period goes by too quickly.

  3. Allison on June 22, 2007 at 11:05 am said:

    Phew! You’re back up! Ben must’ve been a good boy and fixed you! I know you’re not updating much, but it is nice to go through your old posts and see how far you’ve come!!!
    Love ya!

  4. that afghan is looking great! the speed of crochet is why I prefer it to knitting, but that gorgeous scarf you’re making makes me reconsider my laziness acquiring a new craft.

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