My Sewing Machine, Emma

It may seem to some people (most of whom know me in the real world) like I’m a little overly eager about how much I love my sewing machine. I really, REALLY love my simple little Husqvarna Viking. It’s easy to use, small enough to tote around to my friend’s houses and takes a lot of beating up by me. So last month, I finally decided it was time to take Emma (my sewing machine’s name is Emma, it says so right on the front of her so don’t make fun of me) in to be oiled, cleaned, timed, and fixed after the knob selector broke. It had been over a month, and last Monday I finally got her back.

Oh my God….I had no idea how much I had missed her.

Aqua and Brown

We’ve been a little busy…it’s been sewing bliss (yes, I realize I’m nuts).

My Sewing Machine, Emma

Seriously though, I think that I should have probably taken Emma in to be serviced way earlier than I did. I was shocked at how differently it felt to sew on a properly aligned and timed machine. My stitches are the right length, there’s no loops at all on the backside of my work and the needle is no longer hitting the metal faceplate when a stitch is made. I guess I just didn’t realize that it would make that big of a difference to have her worked on.

6 Thoughts on “I’m A (Sewing) Machine

  1. Ohh Love the bags! Glad your Emma is running so well.

  2. Love the tote bags. I’m such a “bag lady”! It is more fun to sew on a machine that is in tune.

  3. I bet you are feeling whole again with your maching back! I like your style, and I love those bags!

  4. Did you design these bags yourself or did you use a pattern? They’re lovely!!

  5. Glad that Emma is back and working great :) I love my sewing machine as much as you do too 😀

  6. oh yes. once I got my little Elna back from the shop? OY what a difference it made.
    She PURRS now, and is a happy little sewing machine once again…

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