One of the big perks of working at an elementary school (other than enriching the lives of kids, of course) is that I have an awesome schedule. This week, I’m on spring break.

Assembly Line

Of course, I’m not really on break. Craft show season is fast approaching, and I have my first show of the year in less than a month. I get really excited and twitchy about shows. Current thoughts are as follows:

Will I have enough items?

When the heck am I going to make all of my items?

Holy crap, I have nothing made.

So today, I turned my sewing room into an assembly line.

Assembly Line

I had five tree pouches ready to finish, and three others made with fabric from Superbuzzy. It made me feel like I was accomplishing all this work today, but in reality I’ve been working on the tree pouches for the past two days now.

Assembly Line

I really believe that a system works for me. Put the zippers and lining in first, then sew in the tag. Next bag. Seeing them in a pile makes me believe I’m getting somewhere.

Assembly Line

The last step is always to sew the sides and the bottoms, and at this point, I feel like I’m racing to the finish. My brain shuts off, and I feel like I can do this step with my eyes closed (knowing well that sewing with my eyes closed would be a bad idea…I’m extremely clumsy). Several hours of sewing done for the day, and now I’m eight pouches further away from having a nervous, twitchy breakdown.

6 Thoughts on “Assembly Line

  1. First of all- I LOOOVE the new banner. Second of all, I’m such a fan of your work- and I’m glad your back regularly again.
    Last but not least- I’m dying for that middle pouch with the green buttons….any chance of me talking you in to putting it in the shop?? heheee..

  2. Very cool banner. I can totally relate to before the show jitters. Personally I never feel like I have enough, but I always have product left after the show?? The zippy pouches are awesome! I produce the same way…production line. At first it seems like it’s taking forever then BAM…a little line of goods. Good luck on your show!

  3. They look great, as does all your work!!! I’ve just found my way to your blog….know you from Flickr!

  4. They look amazing!

  5. Love the tree pouches – I have a thing for buttons and love how you use them in your projects! Good luck with the production line.

  6. I am in the exact same boat…I have a craft show in 3 weeks and am a little panicky. So much for enjoying sewing…
    By the way, I love your website (and your face is not dorky). :)

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