Stupid, Stupid Me

I should have no-brained this one. I have a 6 month old puppy and a very excitable year-old cat, so why would I have ever left a partially filled glass of water sitting next to something I’m working on?

Because I’m lazy.

Empty Glass

Who could have ever knocked my glass over? Who runied the bag I was so close to finishing?

Could it be you?

Toes McGee

Or maybe you knocked it off the table?

Toes McGee

Ugh…Either way, I’m off put my dishes in the sink, and remake my bag.

4 Thoughts on “Dumb Move

  1. Awe bummer!
    Love the bag though.

  2. Oh wow! Beautiful bag. I’m curious though — How does one clean it if it’s so non-color-fast?

  3. oh no!!! what a shame…
    I spilled a tub of yogurt on the ironing board. No matter how much I wash it… when the hot iron passes over the spot… it smell awful!
    (it’s a small table top one and the cover doesn’t remove)

  4. Hi….I just found your blog and LOVE your work!!!! I adore your button tote! Congrats on the publication:D It is always so nice to see your work in print:D The tree totes are wonderful as well…..such creative work!!!!

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