Who’s tired of looking at my dorky face? How about some pillows instead? Would that make you all happy?

pink pillows

I was asked to make these for a custom order this past week. She wanted them done the same way that I make my patchwork totes. I hadn’t really thought to make pillows like this before (duh) but I like them way better than the log cabin style ones that I’ve made before. I think I may make a few more like these in other colors.

pillow #1

I’ve also been taking pictures like it’s going out of style because I bought a new camera. The new Nikon D60 and I are joined at the hip. It’s a fabulous camera, and I still don’t know how to use it all. Hopefully there will be many, many quality photos to show off in the coming days.

8 Thoughts on “pinky pillows

  1. I love those. Very bright and happy. Love those prints and the way you put them all together.

  2. The pillows look awesome! You should make more :-) It’s a great color too…

  3. can i please tell you how much i love your work!! i’m very new to all of this stuff but have visions in my head of creations i intend on making in the near future. the majority of what you do, fabric wise, is exactly what i picture in my noggin. i commend you on what you do, you’re brilliant. any advice on where to start. i live in kind of a country town in georgia so there isn’t a lot of access to anything. but i’ve never even sewn anything recently. the last time i used a sewing machine was in high school, 15 years ago!
    anyway, keep doing what you do, i honestly appreciate it

  4. Those pillows are adorable. You have such a fun grasp of color.

  5. I’d love to know where you got your tags made.

  6. I love looking through all your projects! You are a girl after my own heart!! I had to comment because my hubby just bought me the Nikon D60 for my birthday. I haven’t learned how to use it yet, but I signed up for a class next week and I’m super excited about it!!

  7. The pinks and prints are fabulous, so vivid. I love mixing up patterns in that way.

  8. More

    I love quilting and the folks involved.Thanks for sharing this. Sarah Jane.

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