Crap. I’ve done it again.

I’ve been debating wiping the blog out and starting fresh (just because I think it’s pretty embarrassing that my last post was in October…of the sewing machine I bought in August) but I think I’m going to just leave it up. Nobody’s reading this pile anymore, anyway.

So, back to business. I finished a new hat.

Picot Edge Hat!

I was skeptical about this hat for several reasons. As I knitted it, the brim seemed very odd to me. The picot edges seem a lot larger than I had expected and I thought it might look silly. I also was concerned with not having enough yarn in the end (I used two skeins Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight Baby Alpaca) so I decided to begin the decreases early. I think if this yarn was thicker and I was planning on using it as a winter hat, I would have ripped back and knitted it longer, but I’m satisfied with using it for a spring hat.

On Ravelry? See the details here. And hey, add me as a friend. I like friends.

8 Thoughts on “new hat, new something?

  1. I haven’t given up on you yet! Love the hat. Don’t know about Ravelry but will look into it.

  2. Great timing…I just came across your blog while looking for quilting sites and added it to my Reader. I hadn’t even noticed that it wasn’t updated in 5 months ;o)
    So at least you know you have one reader :o)

  3. add another reader to your list!! welcome back, you were missed.

  4. i found your blog a bit ago and i love it!! dont give up!! :)

  5. i think it’s totally adorable. but btw, in ravelry, whenever your posts show up in my ‘friends blogs’, i can’t click on them w/o getting an error. i have to go to your profile and click on your blog link from there. not sure what’s up with that!

  6. I read your pile…and I heart it.

  7. Carol on March 20, 2009 at 8:18 am said:

    Happy to see you back!

  8. Kasia PL on March 23, 2009 at 10:02 am said:

    Hope you will put still some stuff here:) I really like your blog and ideas!!!

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