I am so easily swayed by peer pressure. Okay, so nobody pressured me, but I still couldn’t help myself.

didn't need a new hobby

So yeah, I’ve got a bit of a crochet addiction now. I kept getting caught up in all of the new crochet that kept popping up in my photostream on Flickr in the past month, but then! I found out there was going to be a crocheted potholder swap. And then I may have signed up…without completely knowing how to crochet.

I do know how to do some basic crochet. Very, very basic. So, to work on my skillz, I thought I’d step the difficulty level up an notch and try the hexagon pattern that I found at this lovely website. They turned out a little like this:

yarn bowls

Not so much what I was hoping for. I don’t know if I’m just reading the pattern wrong or my stitches are too tight, but I added a few chain stitches here and there, and a few more stitches in the final row, and things are looking so much better.

didn't need a new hobby

So much better. It looks a teeny bit different than the pattern wanted them to look, but I’m happy with them. I hadn’t intend on wanting to continue on with these, but I think I’m going to attempt a full afghan of them. We’ll see though…I’m easily sidetracked.

3 Thoughts on “sidetracked by hexagons

  1. oh my GOSH. I’m insanely inspired by you and your flickr, now I’m feeling like I need to learn crochet. The color combos your picking are AMAZING!

  2. Oh, that sounds so familiar to me, lol…

  3. Oh, I am on a motif mania here. I just got a book of Crochet Motifs (not just hexagons!) and I am so excited! I love you blog. I am just starting out sewing (again after 4-H years ago). You are an inspiration.

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