I’m constantly amazed by the opportunities for real life connections that the Internet has brought me over the past few years. From all of the kind comments that are left here on my blog and on my photos, to swaps and friendships that I’ve made online, I cannot imagine my life without it.

So, in the newest of those opportunities, I joined a project called the 12 Squared Quilting Bee. It’s interesting how it works: for the next 12 months, we’ll all be making blocks for each other. One person sends her fabric out to the other 11 quilters, we make blocks to her specifications, and then send them them back to her. This month I made blocks for Valerie–month one down!

May blocks

Truthfully, I was really overwhelmed when I got the fabric for May. I loved the fabric, but together they’re big and bold and just not what I’m used to. Plus, seriously! It’s nerve wracking to make parts for other people’s quilts.

Block No. 1

But I really didn’t need to be worried, because Valerie has a great sense of color and pattern. The first one I did, I pieced like how I do my quilted totes. No plan whatsoever.

Block No. 1

But this one is my favorite. I love the fabric in the center of the block and I really felt that it needed to be framed by a log cabin.

Looking forward to next month’s set of fabric!

5 Thoughts on “blocks for a bee

  1. That is very cool. I wish I had the time to join in this, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t get someone’s blocks done on time, then there’s getting my fabric out…right now I’m trying to sort through my stuff to do. But I’m going to bookmark the link and maybe try to join in next time.

  2. very nice… i’ve done a few online swaps but done that worked like this… i like the thought of sending your own fabric as opposed to just getting what someone makes from what they have.

  3. Gorgeous!!

  4. I love all the bold colors! I’m slowly warming up to a quilting bee but i’m still learning how to quilt.

  5. Nice mix of contemporary and traditonal.

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