Wee people are surprisingly easy to make gifts for. Find cute stuff, make it, and present to wee person’s keeper (or mom). Simple.

monkey onesies

I do not have wee people. I have a dog. And I work with mini people at work everyday. Although I do not currently have the desire to own my own wee person, I apparently have an intense drive to make cute embroidered onesies for other people’s wee people. Monkey onesies!

all of em

Despite saving these until the last minute (and staying up most of the night before the were due) I was overall happy with them. I used a Sublime Stitching iron on pattern, and other than figuring out that I had to use an interfacing under the stretchy material, the whole thing couldn’t have been any easier.

baby chalice blanket

I also wanted to knit a blanket, and being that the wee person will be arriving early this summer, I went with something lightweight. I used the Baby Chalice Blanket (link here if you’re on Ravelry) pattern, with in Knit Picks Comfy. It’s a 100% cotton yarn, and while I’m not usually a fan of knitting with cotton, this stuff seemed really nice to work with. Plus, it should help the wee person’s mom and dad when she spits up all over it and it needs to be washed about 15 times a week. No worries about felting it all up.

One Thought on “gifts for a wee person

  1. Wow! What faboo gifties. You’re an inspiration. We’ve got a wee cousin joining the family, so I’ll need to follow your example.

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