So, hey. I just want to say, that if you get bronchitis, it sucks. You cough, and cough and cough and do little else besides cough and sleep. In fact, today was the first day this week that I didn’t wear pajamas all day. I even went to work. It was a big day.

In fact, I took a picture of my happy bronchitis face. See how happy I am? So, so happy.

3.52 down for the count

During my time on the couch this week I’ve been thinking about wanting to get down to business on some of my projects. I started piecing these blocks over the past summer and due to other projects and craft shows that I did last fall, I never finished them up.

new quilt blocks

Today’s plan was to figure out how many I have completed, and how many more I have to go. At this point, I have 23 finished blocks and I’d like to have 40 finished for a 5×8 grid. Each block is about 12 inches square, but even with 40 blocks, I’m not sure about the size.

getting projects back out

So here’s my question for my fellow quilters: Do you always have a set size in mind when making quilts? Part of me is concerned that if I don’t at least make it as large as a twin size that it will be useless if I ever decide to use it for something other to cover up with on the couch. Any input into how big you decide to make your quilts would be appreciated. I’m having trouble coming to a decision on what I should do.

in progress

Hopefully I’ll be seeing a little more of my sewing table in the next few days (minus the cough drop wrappers, of course). I’d like to get these blocks tied up so I can do some top piecing here in the next few weeks!

3 Thoughts on “cough, cough, piece

  1. I almost never have a size in mind, I’m super bad at math so I just sort of go until it looks right. One thing I have is a neat little card from pinkchalkfabrics, she includes them in orders & they have common quilt sizes on the back! I’ll send you one with the pkg I’m making for you!!!

  2. You have had a loooong haul with this bug! So happy to hear you are getting better. Love the colors in this quilt. Please continue to show it’s progress…AND yours. xo,

  3. I love the colors and fabrics! That is going to be a wonderful quilt when finished, no matter what size it turns out to be!

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