Okay. Knitting finished objects to come, but first I need to share that my Love Beads quilt is done! I said I wanted to complete it by the end of March, and I made it in just under the wire. Now it’s currently in the wash, which means that for the next hour or so until it comes out, I will be a nervous wreck. It’s something that I have to do so that it gets that wonderful wrinkly, crinkly look, but I always worry that so much can go wrong while it’s out of my hands and in the washer. Keep your fingers crossed, and look for a new post with pictures tomorrow night!


I am so making progress on my “Finish It Or Pitch It” list. (Don’t worry–I’m not really going to throw out good yarn. It’s mostly an empty threat to myself and so far it’s working!) Last week I got two complete shawls finished in the same week. My needles were busy.


This one, the Multnomah, was so easy. It’s just rows of garter stitch and a super simple lace pattern to finish it off–easy peasy. I had had this pattern queued on Ravelry for several months, but I just wasn’t that inspired to knit it, but after seeing a sample of it knit up at my LYS, I was suddenly inspired to knit one for myself.

Although I like the way the variegation turned out for this project, I’ve decided that I like solid or semi-solid yarns a lot better for shawls. Personal preference, but one to remember for next time. Also, I thought the yarn I used–Alchemy Juniper–wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be. I had lots of issues with it splitting while knitting with it. Because of that, I certainly wouldn’t use it for socks.

It gave me so major troubles, but oh, how I love my Clothilde! I knit this with worsted weight, Cascade Eco Alpaca (SO nice) but when I started it, I decided that I wanted to make it a little bigger than the pattern suggested (where it suggested fingering or DK weight yarn). When it got to the point of looking like a blanket, I decided it was time to rip back to the beginning and start again.


I hated starting from scratch but it was so worth starting over. It took me just about a week to follow the pattern exactly this time. When I blocked it, I stretched it out as far as I could to get it to the size I wanted. And it really is the perfect size for what I wanted. And it’s soft and squishy–just perfect.


Yay for progress!

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  1. They’re both gorgeous! You must have been busy knitting lately!

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