You know what’s super cool? How SO many people seemed to be genuinely excited about the hand quilting tutorial last week. It’s must have struck a deeper chord to me because it kicked my sewing mojo into gear. I want to sew everything now!


Despite my ongoing “Finish It or Pitch It” campaign (two quilts finished this spring!) I broke down and started some new things for my shop. When I updated last week, all three of my selvage pouches sold (thank you!!), so I figured that I’d make some more.

This has resulted in me losing my mind. I want to cut selvage for days, then refold my fabric and find interesting ways to stack it. My mild OCD is shining through the Internet like a beacon of light for all of you to see. I am crazy.


My mind is buzzing with activity. I want to sew (and cut) and sew and sew. I love that feeling.

2 Thoughts on “i got my mojo working

  1. been there, ( but my sewing is by no means to your fantastic standard ) but if you get the bug it can only be satisfied by working through it. Enjoy and I look forward to coming back and seeing more of your wonderful creations.

  2. oh yes, that is a fantastic feeling!

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