I really like sewing on rainy days. For me, it’s the perfect setting for catching up on hand sewing projects or getting new ideas started. Luckily, I’ve had no shortage of either over the past couple of days.


It’s getting close to craft show season, so I’m starting to work on getting a stock of things made to tote around the state with me later this summer. Yesterday I finished assembling five lunchboxes, and now they need several hours of hand sewing to finish off the binding on the sides. It’s a little mindless, but perfect for rainy days while Netflixing TV shows on the laptop. Perfect.

Also on the rainy day agenda: scrap sorting and cutting. (That’s Audrey “helping.” I should add that I use the term “helping” very loosely.) Today was all about 2 inch squares. I spent all afternoon and evening cutting, and it took forever to feel like I had enough. I’m still not sure I do.


I think they’re going to become a nine patch quilt–something I’m really excited about. I was pumped to finish my little quilt last week, so I hope this is something that will go equally as well. We’ll see tomorrow once I get started sewing!

One Thought on “work for rainy days

  1. one of my favourite activities – curling up on a rainy day and crafting. sounds perfect to me. also, all your bright colours always make me smile.

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