Let’s just pretend for a minute….

That it’s only been a week (instead of a month) since I last posted.

That I’ve done tons of sewing over that last month.

That I’ve at least been keeping up with new blog posts on my Google reader so that I at least know what’s going on in the quilting and craft blogging world.

Sigh. Thanks for indulging me. I promise I’ll try a little harder again.

3 Thoughts on “let’s pretend

  1. Oh!! I want to play! Let’s pretend that I’m tall and skinny and fabulously wealthy. Now I’ll pretend that I’ve done tons of sewing this month also.
    This is fun!!

  2. No worries, Hon. I expect that most of your readers are like me: happy when you check in but we can take care of ourselves in the meantime. Keep on doing your inspiring work!

  3. pretty photo! makes me want to
    A) sort through all my threads
    B) make a cool bag like this using all these selvages I have laying around but
    c) I’ve always been afraid of sewing zippers, though I think I’ve done it once or twice, but poorly

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